Thursday, May 8th

17:00 - Registration
18:00 - Opening Reception
19:00 - Keynote: Don Melton
20:30 - After-Party
22:00 - Unofficial Outings

Friday, May 9th

08:30 - Breakfast
09:30 - Sessions
12:00 - Lunch
13:30 - Sessions
15:45 - Break
16:00 - Blitz talks
16:30 - Session
17:30 - Offsite for the Friday Night Party
19:30 - Banquet
22:30 - End of Friday events

Saturday, May 10th

09:30 - Brunch
10:30 - Sessions
13:00 - Break
13:30 - Sessions
16:00 - Closing


Below is a taste of what you will hear from our brilliant speakers. We'll be adding to this collection over the next while.

Finding your People
David Smith

While you don’t need a big audience in order to have success in the app business it certainly helps. It isn’t about being famous or having a huge follower count on Twitter. I’ve found it to be far more valuable to find your niche where you are an expert and then contribute generously to establish your reputation. By understanding ways you can uniquely contribute to the conversation you will naturally build your audience and directly improve the community.

The Path to 10,000 Learners: Lessons In Community and Code
Nicole Bélanger

A strong, healthy, and engaged community is the key to a thriving tech industry. Nicole will be telling the story of Ladies Learning Code's organic growth and sharing lessons from their community of thousands of learners and volunteers from coast to coast.

Building in Success with Market First Development
Charles Perry

With more competition than ever, it's harder than ever to build a product company that supports itself through App Store sales. In this presentation, we'll explore a "market first" approach to product development that can help you achieve that goal. You'll learn the most important factors in the success of a product (Spoiler alert: Your app's feature list isn't one of them.) and how to identify product ideas that customers are happy to pay for.

99 Ways to Get Your App Noticed
Parisa Foster

It's hard to stand out when there are over 1 million apps on the App Store. Today, the real challenge happens after the app is submitted, getting the exposure and recognition it deserves. Learn 99 different ways to promote and market your app, including everything from App Store Optimization to more outlandish marketing plays.

Leveraging Meaningful Metrics to Achieve Results
Brittany Young

How do you define and track the success of your apps? Certainly you can monitor your (hopefully increasing) bank account balance or average rating in the App Store, but these are post-mortem metrics. They tell us how our past decisions performed in the market but provide little to no insight into how we can reach the next level of success. In order to drive more efficient decision making and get faster results when shipping software, data is the key: identifying, measuring and tracking the right metrics.

Open Source Stewardship
Mattt Thompson

Stewardship is an old word. It means taking on the responsibilities that come with ownership, with an ethic of public service. This is vital to open source, which, as a gift economy, is sustained and enlivened by the generosity of individuals sharing their knowledge and their time. This talk will look at what it means to be a steward in open source, in practical terms, from creation to maintenance to sunsetting. In doing so, open source consumers and contributors alike will be able to be successful, responsible members of the community.