Mattt Thompson

Mattt Thompson is the creator & maintainer of AFNetworking and other popular open-source projects, including, Helios, & Nomad. He also writes about obscure & overlooked parts of Cocoa on NSHipster.

Mattt has spoken at dozens of conferences and meetups across the United States and around the world, about topics in Objective-C, Ruby, Javascript, web development, design, linguistics, and philosophy. Notably, this includes an appearance at WWDC 2013 for the session "Hidden Gems in Cocoa and Cocoa Touch".

He has coordinated and run day-long workshops and multi-day classes on Rails and iOS Development, and organized meetup groups in Pittsburgh, Austin, and San Francisco. Acting in the capacity of quizmaster and host, Mattt has held NSHipster pub quizzes in Berlin, San Francisco, and New York City.

Mattt has also appeared as a guest on TechCrunch TV, as well as podcasts like The Changelog, NSBrief and