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  • Episode 20: Bob Kressin, KS Technologies
    KST founder and president Bob Kressin chats with Dan & Phil about hardware engineering, the interface between hardware and mobile, Bluetooth, the exciting possibilities of iBeacons, and getting motivated about advances in the biomedical field.

  • Episode 19: Brittany Young, New Relic
    New Relic's Mobile Product Manager and Chicago-to-Portland transplant Brittany Young joins Dan & Phil to discuss starting and running a consulting company, how the local indie scene makes a big difference, discovering Portland and Application Performance Metrics and learning to ski while not flying off the mountain, figuratively. We also touch on diversity issues and Girl Develop It.

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  • Episode 18: David Smith, Cross Forward Consulting
    Independent developer David Smith chats with Dan & Phil about moving to iOS from Web development, making apps to scratch an itch (and making a living at it), the "many apps, few hits" strategy, fostering a sense of community around iOS and Mac development, and the joys of parenthood.

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  • Episode 17: Jessie Char, Pacific Helm
    The co-founder and General Manager of Pacific Helm joins Dan & Phil to chat about the west coast Mac scene, her time at Apple Retail, being a part of Delicious Monster, growing a small design studio and the joy of cooking.

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  • Episode 16: Roustem Karimov, AgileBits
    The co-founder of AgileBits, Torontonian Roustem Karimov talks to Dan & Phil about the beginnings of AgileBits, the original reasons behind 1Password, moving from enterprise software to the Mac, and a little bit about hockey.

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  • Episode 15: Don Melton, Former Engineering Manager
    Keynote speaker and former Fruit Company employee Don Melton chats with Dan & Phil about starting the "super secret" Safari project, podcasting about 80's movies, Faustian bargains and taking care of evil genius little dogs.

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  • Episode 14: Nicole Belanger, Ladies Learning Code
    Ottawa's own Nicole Belanger talks to Dan & Phil about Ladies Learning Code, a non-profit, non-gender-specific organisation to help beginners understand better what "code" is. We also discuss women in startups, entrepreneurial spirit, and tech blogging as part of your online identity.

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  • Episode 13: Mattt Thompson, Panic
    Freshly-minted Panic developer Mattt Thompson is our guest as he goes over his own career path of web to mobile to app developer, self-publishing books, the differences between San Francisco and Portland, and how extreme sports led to marital bliss.

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  • Episode 12: Parisa Foster, Budge Studios
    The Director of Marketing at Budge Studios joins Dan & Phil to discuss her company's marketing successes in the pre-school mobile market, going beyond iOS and travelling across hemispheres.

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  • Episode 11: Charles Perry, MetaKite
    The founder of MetaKite Software kicks off a new season for NSNorth with Dan & Phil and talks about niche apps, accessibility and beer.

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